Dear Deer Pliers II - Adorning your Wall & Desk

Dear Deer Pliers II - Adorning your Wall & Desk

Adorning your place, making life convenient. Dear Deer II, the most outstanding wall decoration with full function!

iThinking & Home

Home is free to be any kind of relaxing, colorful, cheering, calming, creative feelings, however, home tools get only limited shapes of choices, and often not quite fit to the interior designs...

But what if we try modernizing the well-developed tools through creative aspects, into new models without changing its essential character too much?

More Imagination, more Fun! 

Desiring for not only great functions, we need design!

From 2014 till now, iThinking team has reach over 10 design hits, selling to over the world, and successfully launched projects on Kickstarer! 

Our past projet Rhino Hammer - 2017 Special Limited Leather Edition


A role as decoration makes it quickly access to our daily home scenarios and help efficiently. It should never get lost so frequently!

2016-2017 Renewing  

Since 2016 Dear Deer Pliers project in 2016 Christmas, ( this time, we are adding a bit more "metal touch" for low profile houses and more styles.

Knowing your wish of building a environment that is like no others, Dear Deer II is born!

Handling Wind For Desk

An aluminum alloy made head on Dear Deer II For Desk is perfect for stabilize the blowing documents!

Adorn Your Place

Maybe you have a industrial style house with a little wooden touch, or a space filled with basic grey scale, Dear Deer II For Desk is able to fulfill what you need and handle with bronze, silver and copper colors.

Decorating Wall

Wall deer is borned to go with walls, hanging your keys, scarf, as well as being such a nice jewelry rack.

Magnetic Deer

The internal magnets will help our deer for wall fit in more places in the house. The fridge, cabinet, even you tool cart!

Multiple Holding

Want to keep your personal tools outside from the original toolboxes? Pasting iron wall medal we provide will simply make a seat for Magnetic Deer For Wall! Or if you would like to hang on other light accessories like scarfs or small bags, just add another screw for providing enough support. 

Deer Pliers

 When it comes to situations in need of pliers, Dear Deer II is here for you!

The smooth outline, calming colors of deer pliers match to the unique characteristic of deer antlers.

Pulling out antlers reveals pliers. It's simply the best partner for easy house fixing and definitely a stylish decor.

There are two choices of pliers, diagonal cutting or long-nose pliers.

Based on the consideration of house tools, the best level of stainless steel 420 are chosen to provide great antirust factor from the inside. Besides, the TPR handles gives more non-skid property and comfort while doing those DIY properly.

Finished by one of Taiwan’s best senior artisans, making effort on a better quality and durability from average house tools. 

Special Size & Structure

Desk Deer provides enough weight for those annoying paper or just adding more style. As for wall deer, an hook beneath is nice to hang the keys! 

The deer body structure offers a great container for pliers. The exquisite size is also suitable for house or office, making more extra space and for the corners.

Kickstarter ONLY packs

If you are interested in our work or would like to support us here's:

A Deer For Wall for yourself! 

A couple of Deer For Wall in 2 or 4 packs!

 A Deer For Desk is absolute one of a kind!

 A couple of Deer For Desk in 2 or 4 packs!

 Having all- Deer For Desk + Wall Set!

Design and Development

With the designers of two generations, and the voices of market, we have processed the Deer through a year, and still keep on moving to the next three projects in the soon future. 

 Developing timeline

  • Kickstarter Start!
  • Week 1-6: Production of tools and deer body.
  • Week 7-8: Collect and organize backers information.
  • Week 5-9: Continuely producing, packing and dispatch to backers.
  • Week 10-14: Shipping Dear Deer II to the world.
  • Getting your Deer!

Team iThinking

Emphasizing the designer's self-consciousness and the embodiment of love, two old men and a group of young in their twenties burn their brains to keep innovative, supplying home with more surprises and warmth!

Why do we need Crowd-Funding on Kickstarter?

There is a collection of ideas around us in the life and the world can be more beautiful with creative things! Getting the most authentic feedbacks on this stage can be the most direct way to communicate with everybody.

We have spent the past year developing production design, finalizing and improving the pattern of Dear Deer Pliers II. What we provide is just a simple choice but what we have faith in is bringing more fun on using tools and cheering life more creatively.

As a new try, we need your support for Dear Deer Pliers II to run in a factory, industrial tooling, packaging, and marketing. We want to share the challenge of combining the function of tools with beauty of natural creatures. A reward as a sincere thanks, you will receive Dear Deer II at a special discount Kickstarter price. 

Share With Us

From the beginning to now 2017 summer, iThinking has been connected to more countries around the world.  We will keep working to let more styles, cuteness, and surprises apply on our home tools, giving more reasons for wider users to be handy anytime! Hoping the marriage of utility and creativity will bring such difference!

So if you any great ideas or updates, please feel free to share with us!


Risks and challenges

Through the process of creating Dear Deer II, we developed every part of our production and made several tests. We have secured our manufacturer, our metal provider and developed our own structure design to make sure the quality of our final product is as good as it can be. We feel confident in our ability to deliver a product of great quality. However, like in any venture, there are always challenges and unexpected delays in manufacturing and shipping. In any of the situations, we will keep you informed and do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you love what we're doing or got any comments for us, please feel free to contact. We'd love to hear from you!

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