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2017 Renew Dear Deer 

Since Dear Deer Pliers: standing and laying position in 2016 Christmas


This time, we are adding a bit more metal touch for low profile houses.

Knowing your wish of building a environment that is like no others, Dear Deer II is borned!

Handling Wind For Desk

With the total weight of 1.0kg, the Aluminum alloy Dear Deer For Desk is perfectly heavy to stabilize the blowing documents!

Adorn The Place

Maybe you are having a industrial style house with a little wooden touch, or a place filled with basic grey scale, the Deer For Desk is able to fulfill your need and handle with bronze, silver and copper colors.

Decorating Wall

Wall deer is borned to go with walls, hanging your keys, scarf, as well as being such a nice jewelry rack.

Magnetic Deer

The internal magnets will help our deer for wall fit in more places in the house. The fridge, cabinet, even you tool cart!

Multiple Holding

Want to keep your personal tools outside from the original toolboxes? Pasting iron wall medal we provide will simply make a seat for Magnetic Deer For Wall! Or if hanging on other light accessories like scarfs or small bags, just add on another screw, it will provide enough support. 

Deer Pliers

Pulling out antlers reveals the pliers, it's simply the best partner for easy house fixing and definitely a stylish decor.

The smooth outline, calming colors of deer pliers match to the unique characteristic of deer antlers. There are two choices of pliers, a diagonal or long-nose pliers.

Finished by one of Taiwan’s best senior artisans, making effort on a better quality and durability from average house tools. 

Desk Deer provide enough weight for those annoying paper or just adding more style.