Bear papa Ratchet Screwdriver

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2015 Golden Pin Design Award

Introduction and story of Bear Papa
Bear papa is a simple, honest, and kind bear. When it comes to family, he is a good role model, for he enjoys helping people and taking care of children and family. You can feel the spirit of dedication and honesty from his eyes. He is passionate about both taking care of family and helping others.

The body of the bear can be split to three parts: head, torso and feet. The ratchet screwdriver is settled with a magnetic bits holder of the head. Its torso can be removed from the feet which contain six different bits of most common sizes.

Attach the desired screwdriver bit with the ratchet screwdriver, and then rotate the black O-ring to control the direction of the ratchet to lock or unlock screw. Hold the grip and flex your wrist to operate. The tool is very easy and convenient to use.

Operation Instruction
1. Holding the torso, pull up the head of the bear to reveal ratchet screwdriver.
2. Securely holding the feet, pull up the torso to get to the screwdriver bits.
3. Attach the desired screwdriver bit to the ratchet screwdriver.
4. Rotate the black O-ring to control the direction of the ratchet to tighten or loosen screw.
5. Hold the grip and flex your wrist to operate.


Colors Options
There are four colors of Bear papa: brown, gray and red are basic models, while with “V” on the chest is Taiwan Black Bear edition.

The white “V” on the chest of the black bear represents Taiwan Black Bear which is the most significant and rare animal of Taiwan. We’d love to r share Taiwan Black Bear with the world with Bear papa.

Quality and Design
All parts of Bear papa are expertly selected. The body of Bear papa is made of environmental-friendly and high-toughness PP; also, it is coated with thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which makes it comfortable to grip and easy to twist. The ratchet screwdriver of the grip is made of chrome vanadium steel (Cr-V), and the screwdriver bits are made of S2 steel with a silvering finish.


‧ ø 57 x H125mm
‧ 1 Ratchet handle
‧ 1/4", 50 mm Length
2 Phillips head bits: #1, #2
2 Slotted head bits: 4, 5 mm
2 Hex head bits: 4, 5 mm
‧ Weight:180g