Penguin Screwdriver-Basic

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2015 Golden Pin Design Award

Today’s tools are often a second thought, lost in a set of drawers never to be found again. iThinking’s approach to this issue was to create a tool that could be neatly tucked away but not hidden, instead, a lighthearted addition to any home.

This lovable penguin screwdriver set blends decoration with utility, adding an inviting warmth. Truly a family tool with its playful aesthetic, Penguin is designed with a comfortable and soft textured body with everything you need. Six different-sized screwdriver bits conveniently tucked away in its handle and ready to tackle any family DIY project in mind. Invite your child to your next repair project!

6color options: Turquoise、Fuchsia、Black、Gray

Lovely package design

Penguin Screwdriver
48 x 43 x 57 mm / 70 x 70 x 85 mm with packaging
1/4", 25 mm Length
2 Phillips head bits : #0, #2
2 Slotted head bits : 2.5, 4 mm
2 Hex head bits: 4, 5 mm
Weight: 95g

About iThinking
「Design with home in mind」 is the fundamental purpose of iThinking brand management: Design household objects with warmth; convert natural biology prototype into living and healing commodities with emotional demands; create a cozy living atmosphere with rich colors!

Made in Taiwan