"HuKu" Personalization Tools - Basic

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Congratulation! Huku whole series won the 2014 Golden Dot Design Award

commodity description and story
your home tools put where? If necessary, find?

Through tools to make our lives more convenient, but a variety of tools to mix, because rarely use, has long been idle in a dark corner; when really needed it, rummaging always get lost and have to buy new, and the current problems can not be solved very angry?

ithinking design team has been aware of this problem. More than a year we try to give a new definition tool: it is no longer a tool, but life accompany your friend. The idea, so we have developed a groundbreaking creative tools Huku.

Huku owl chirping sound, and "owls" in Japanese pronunciation "Fukurou" similar, but Huku Japanese pronunciation of "blessing" same, also have extended the "happiness" of meaning. In Japanese families often put one pair of owls, hoping to provoke good luck and good fortune.

Huku is personal portable tool to carry on the table or when not only plays a tool of silence for our "guardian" role, but also hope that everyone can have full "happiness."

Lovely Huku has to make you feel warm and pro appearance in itself is a screwdriver with a magnetic head, accommodating six different sizes of commonly used screwdriver head inside the body, not only can be placed on the table as the decorations, also carry carry.

Huku modeling derived from the forest guardian - owl. We expect Huku can also become silently watching your home trinkets, he is effective when you need to replace a good helper disassembly screws for the life of the small happiness points.

1. Rotate the bottom to select Screwdriver
2. poured screwdriver
3. Insert the bottom magnetic suction at
4. day! Perfect operation feel

simple repairs small helper

Color Choose
Basic models have six-color option:
Fresh - pink
Fresh - Orange
Fresh - Yellow
Fresh - Green
Fresh - blue and green
Fresh - Violet

colorful packaging design

insist quality and structural design
Huku body with environmental protection and having high toughness PP engineering grade plastic as the substrate, coated TPR green rubber to improve grip and comfort while strengthening urging desired degree of friction. To ensure the delicacy of texture and formal production in the future when, the special two-color injection, forming one mode of production. Centre Block screwdriver chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel surface of bright chrome, Bits screwdriver head using silicon alloy steel (S2) the surface of silver fog effects, both the tool of choice for professional-grade materials.

‧ body 38 x 41 x 49 mm / Packaging 70 x 70 x 85 mm
‧ Huku screwdriver handle 1
‧ 1/4 ", 25mm screwdriver head
Cross ⊕ # 0, # 1, # 2 and 1
Word Θ 2.5, 4, 5 mm and 1 (All Total 6)
‧ weight of about 120g

operate and maintain
Do not place direct sunlight and high humidity place Huku, and kept dry.

designer and brand profile
iThinking, a creative brand from Taiwan, all the products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the designer's love, to provide high quality products and interesting life of small things.

"Design with home in mind" for the purpose of iThinking largest brand management: the life of ordinary supplies, starting with the warmth of home, and then converted into a living, has healing properties, and emotional for the demands of goods, with a wealth of color, free to create a more intimate atmosphere of life!

design category iThinking containing stationery, treatment was smaller, creative hand tools, natural biological design prototype, expect the designers personal style and nature combined with each other to create a warm living necessities. With these products created by the natural environment, so that consumers feel the natural beauty and direct full newness of life!