Bear Papa 50mm long precision screwdriver set 6

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Commonly used glasses, toys and other electronic equipment, such small screws to remove fixing problems, but also be given to Bear Papa solve!

product manual:
Bear Papa stomach inside, chassis and packaging have storage space,
Want to Bear Papa screwdriver housed in the stomach or in the chassis can be oh.

Each Jie only magnetized screwdriver head, more convenient use.

Screwdriver using silicon alloy steel (S2), chrome plated anti-rust treatment, the tool of choice for professional-grade materials.

Standard sizes:
‧ Cross # 00, # 0 (HTP814R-50PH0, HTP814R-50PH00)
‧ word 2.5mm (HTP814R-50SL025)
‧ Plum # T5, # T6 (HTP814R-50TR05-SC, HTP814R-50TR06-SC)
‧ hex 2mm (HTP814R-50HX02)

A total of six each, simple carton packaging.

Designers and brand profile
iThinking, a creative brand from Taiwan, all the products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the designer's love of providing high-quality products and interesting life of small things.

"Design with home in mind" the largest purpose iThinking brand management: the life of ordinary supplies to the warmth of home as a starting, and then converted into a living, has healing properties, and emotional for the demands of goods, with a wealth of color, create a more casual warm living atmosphere!

Design category iThinking contains stationery, treatment was smaller, creative hand tools, natural biological design prototype, it is desirable to designer personal style and nature combined with each other to create a warm living necessities. With these products created by the natural environment, so that consumers feel the direct natural beauty and full of newness of life!